Since I have this other website that I am always posting on……  its hard to keep this up, too;  I always forget!  I don’t know how some people do it, writing all the time on different sites.

So, here’s the condensed version of what’s been going on:

  • Hubby and I celebrated our 25th anniversary with a great party at our house, and my wedding ring was resized and restored so it looks like new again!
  • I was on a planning committee for a Women’s Retreat for our church, with 158 women in attendance;  it was wonderful, at a beautiful retreat house on a lake, and everyone enjoyed making beaded bracelets together that I arranged.
  • Speaking of bracelets, the high school ones that I designed are selling quite well as a fundraiser for the marching band.  We expect to make $1500+ on them! which will help defray the costs of sending 120 instruments, hat boxes, and hangered uniforms to Dublin for them to march in the St.Patrick’s Day Parade ’08.
  • Our new kitten, Puma, is adorable and loving and fun to enjoy.  He frequently sleeps with us.
  • My 1st class towards my M.A. in Applied Communications is going quite well;  just finished a group project where we taught the class last week.
  • Am very busy with work, working about 6 days a week, once you count the events I do each weekend.  This weekend, one on Saturday (Golden Retriever Rescue Romp with 50+ goldens!) and one on Sunday at a bark park’s grand opening (another 50-100 dogs expected).  I go with my dog, take lots of pictures, do the p.r. thing, and load the pics as a gallery on the website the following week.
  • Just got back from a square dance party!  What a blast, with a caller who’s been doing this for 40-some years.  He still uses old 45’s!  Very fun, though;  I’d highly recommend it for any group;  he teaches you everything and its quite a workout.
  • Okay, after attending son’s tennis tourney, the Rescue Romp, and square dancing tonight….I’m wiped out and heading to bed *yawn*