As a working mom, I’ve always prided myself (in a sick o.c.d. kind of way) on being able to juggle many balls at once.  Its necessary for survival for a mom to be an air traffic controller…’you go here and Grandpa will pick you up’  and ‘ don’t forget to get milk on the way home from getting the dog at the vet’ and ‘oh, shoot I forgot to get an oil change at lunch after I went to buy stamps and hit the bank machine in the grocery store’.

Well, age is definitely changing all that.  I find I just can’t juggle as well as I used to.  I have one night class per week, in addition to my 50-ish hour workweek and household duties with 3 children and 4 pets. But gosh…the fish tank is icky and no one else seems to know how to clean it, the floor needs to be swept and mopped, the laundry isn’t done, I still need to finish a paper for school, etc. etc.  Oh sure, there’s DH, who should be helping on all that…well, we don’t need to go there, do we?  He does certain chores…but those aren’t on his list………………….

And there’s that chore chart on the fridge that the 2 teenaged boys are supposed to consult each and every day….but it just isn’t happenin’.  I made it pretty clear to them today that they needed to learn how to read by tomorrow!!

So *sigh* I’m heading off to bed soon, with a dirty floor, fishtank, and half-done laundry.   I guess we’ll just live that way.  Not my favorite choice, but I guess it won’t kill us.