We have 3 children.  Hubby is older than me and absolutely didn’t want any more…so…..we have lots of pets now!  2 dogs and a cat and a kitten and fish.  And now…we’re fostering another dog.  I happen to work with someone who runs a 2-state rescue organization, so I ended up agreeing to foster a 4-month old Great Pyrenees.  Turns out they are the easiest, most laid  back, adorable dogs ever!  She is not at all what I’ve always known as a puppy;  rambunctious, chewy, loud, un-trustworthy, etc.  She just lays around a lot, loves to snuggle, walks great on the leash already (after having her for just a week!), etc.

Isn’t she adorable?  If you’re nearby and want to adopt her, go HERE to find out details…