I love the cooking, having a clean house, and spending down-time with family. I’d love it even better if the entire family could be there, but that just doesn’t happen, so we’re having a fairly small gathering of 11.

Dips are made and in the fridge, turkey’s warming up in the fridge, and the house is slowly coming into some state of order.

I’m even taking time out Thanksgiving morning to do the Drumstick Dash around Broadripple….despite the fact that it will be a windy 30 degrees! Ole Tom Turkey will have to be in the oven early for me! My mama doesn’t arrive ’til after lunch, anyway; we have turkey at 5:30. Why do so many people eat so early in the day? I’d rather eat appetizers and such all afternoon and watch some bowl games, then eat the big meal at dinnertime. Then, you’re really ready for bed!

Well, this year we can’t go to bed until after the 8pm Colts game….that’s the World Champion Indianapolis Colts!