We look forward to the holidays all year. Then, it takes at least a month or so to recover from it all!

Somehow it all came together; all the presents were purchased and wrapped, Christmas cards with the kids and dogs’ photo were mailed and arrived before Christmas, hubby’s side of the family came over on Christmas Eve for a great ham dinner, then nice egg casserole for breakfast….then we headed to Chgo. for MY family’s Christmas celebration. *urp* and of course we ate quite well.

Today is the 1st day of 2008. Amazing. How can 7 years have passed since the dreaded Y2K? We had 2 nice celebrations last night with 2 different groups of friends….sorry that we had to split the night, but glad that we have so many good friends who understand us, seem to like us anyway, and care about us.

So, on to a new year. We pray it will be a better one. We both finally have good jobs that we enjoy and that appear to be very long-term, with good benefits. We pray that our finances will come around somehow, though we don’t know how God will work that one out….I guess that’s what faith is all about; trusting that He will provide.

We have a daughter graduating college this year, a son graduating high school, and a son graduating 8th grade. <whew> It will be a big year of turning points. I continue my master’s program and hubby continues his push for promotion at work.

Happy New Year! Be grateful for all you have and may you get all you need and deserve in the coming year.