You know…’too much information’….that’s this blog entry, so be careful!

First, we have Puma, the 7-month old ocicat who’s been sick since before Christmas with diarrhea that is so liquid, he’s been quarantined to the laundry room most of those weeks.  6 meds, prescription allergy food, and various tests….and we still don’t know what’s wrong with him!  He’s half the size of other cats his age, because he just can’t keep food in…poor guy.  And poor me….I’m the one who has to clean up all that mess!  ick!

And then there’s the daughter, who had a kidney stone removed, and has been sick ever since.  Went back to the surgeon and MedCheck, but nothing obvious, so they gave the standard answer;  “It must be a virus”.  Great.  Not mono;  we tested for that one.  So, she’s still stumbling through classes each day, dizzy, nauseous, etc.  <sigh>

You know that Kenny Chesney song…”Some beach…”….that’s me right now; just think good thoughts and get through it all.