Maybe you remember the story about our family cruise; 15 family members on a wonderful 3-day cruise. 6 got the Norwalk virus. I stopped a plane mid-taxi by fainting in the aisle, and was carried off the flight to an ambulance, which took me to the hospital. Way to end a trip, huh?

Well, fast-forward to new vacation. Family goes to Ireland to see son march in St.Paddy’s Day Parade in Dublin with h.s. marching band. Son, my mother, and I don’t leave ’til Friday, with band…rest of family left Monday. All five board the Explorer for a 4-hr. drive to the airport. Husband puts key in ignition….nothing! We have to jump the car, get cleaned up again, throw jumper cables in back in case it happens again…and they’re off. Five minutes later, garage door opens and hubby runs inside for the cell phone he forgot. Oops. Back on the road. Find out that Grammy has fallen out of bed this morning, but thinks she’s okay to travel. Opt to leave the wheelchair at home, assuming we can get one there.

An hour or so later, I realize hubby has forgotten his CPAP machine (for sleep apnea)…took an empty case, but forgot to put the machine in! Uh will be sorry about that one! Soon after, Grampy realizes he’s forgotten his and Grammy’s blood pressure medicine. Since I’m at home, I call doctor-on-call (its after-hours), pharmacist, etc. trying to figure out a way to take care of that. Dr. calls back and spends nearly 2 hours on the phone early the next morning, arranging for the meds, an appt. at a walk-in clinic, etc. in Dublin. Amazing! Also I’m still working on trying to reach wheelchair association in Dublin; realized our incoming email isn’t working, so if they did get back to me, I never got it, so have to start communication again. Tried to get Comcast to fix email….

Arrival at airport… find out flight to UK is late, so they’d miss connector to Dublin. Airline has moved all five to another flight, but none are seated together and 80+ year old diabetics are stuck in the middle of 5-person rows….for 8-hour flight! Finally that is changed, after waiting 30+ minutes in line. *sigh* flight goes on uneventfully.

Arrival in Dublin, to awaiting rental car and off to hotel. Grammy walks too slowly for automatic revolving door, it hits her, and knocks her down. Hopefully, not on the bruise from falling out of bed the previous day! Apparently she’s okay.

Well…..that’s just the first 24 hours or so of this trip of a lifetime. More to come; Jon and I leave Friday with 130 teenagers and 70 family members…..

P.S.. Update;  email from hubby;  upon arrival in Dublin, Grampy found the blood pressure meds buried deep in his suitcase and apparently mis-marked (!?) No, I’m not gonna tell the doctor;  he’s even called me to check up and make sure it all worked out for them!