Er, yeah…that’s unemployment.  K2 is home today, too, which makes it pretty hard to get anything accomplished.  He’s 14-going-on-8 when it comes to “Mom!  Let’s go do (insert any activity here)”.  School didn’t use any snow days, so they gave them the Friday before Spring Break off as an extra day.  Lucky them!

So, today, I’ve applied to the following:

Marketing Director of a museum, Nanny for 2 kids,  Marketing Coordinator for a mystery company, and yes, even radio account executive (deja vu).  Nanny? you say…if they could pay me greatly, I’d be the best nanny in the world…now THAT’s something I’m good at;  making children behave (well…), doing crafts and such with them, throwing a ball to them, baking with them, etc.  But are they willing to pay the price for all that fabulousness?  Hmmm…..