I know He has a plan for me…and the plan just keeps changing.  Seemed like a good plan to have me working with high school band competitions….then with people and their pets.  But now we’re moving on to something else, and I wish it would move a bit faster!  Hiring companies just don’t seem to have the sense of urgency that I feel!

There are some good opportunities out there, as I try to picture myself in each position:  museum marketing, health association public relations, Christian family association marketing, not-for-profit pet public relations, advertising agency projects

….all seem pretty wonderful, don’t they?  Which will rise to the top, and pull me in…quickly?

Even as I anxiously await employment, I know that my “plan” really isn’t so much about work as it is about the footprint I leave on others.  My children, the “surrogate daughter”  I mentor, friends…hopefully I have some affect on them and have imparted some wisdom, some love of nature, some sense of responsibility and need-for-kindness, plus a sense of humor and fun upon them.  Hmmm…that’s exactly what Jesus would’ve done.