I love spring….always been my favorite season, but this year especially, since we’ve had such a mercilessly long winter.   I love the fresh air, after being cooped up inside all winter, and I love the green, after seeing nothing but sepia tones for months, and I love the flowering trees.

Today, I hopped out of bed with a plan.  Okay, it took me well over an hour to get out the door, but I finally loaded “the two white dogs” into the car (poor Rex couldn’t go…he’s too hyper and its gotten too difficult for me to handle all three at once, especially if we encounter another dog).  We headed for the Fall Creek trail, which is a great trail alongside (you guessed it) Fall Creek, and hardly anyone is ever there!    It was so nice…great breeze, temps around 70, Fall Creek rushing next to us, wild violets everywhere….even the dogs had smiles on their faces!  We walked around 4 miles!  Poor little Daisy, just 10 months, was so worn out that her tongue was about on the ground.  She’s not so little any more….weighed her at the vet’s today and she’s 68 pounds. Since that was without lunch, and after walking so long, by my computations, that means she’s really about 73 pounds on the “home” scale!

Then, loads of errands, with the dogs still in the car, including a picnic lunch that I brought K1 at her internship.  How nice!  Finally got home at 3pm and the dogs have been CRASHED ever since! Big day for them….one of the errands was even PetSmart, where Charlie got a pedicure (much to his displeasure)…he’s tippie-toing now, for a couple days!  His gross ‘bear claws’ grow so fast and so long…ick.

So I feel like I’ve accomplished quite a bit today…nothing new today on the job front, however;  should hear something tomorrow!!  I may even be getting an offer;  its a fabulous job, but the pay is not great….there’s another job out there that I’m still in the running for, that pays $20K more!!  I wish they’d hurry up and invite me in for an interview so I can wow them 🙂  That $20K per year would pay for K2 AND K3’s schools for the year!!!!!!!!!  Can you imagine??  ugh.  No second job could do that!

Daughter sent me the nicest email today….said she thought this was a good scripture for me (what? my daughter is not only reading, but QUOTING scripture now?!)

He knows what is best, even though, for the moment, we may not be able to comprehend it” (Job 9:10; Psalm 145:3)