Had a great interview today at the museum…with the president! I was very impressed with him; interesting career history of corporate and museums. His vision for the museum is branding it with “Indiana’s Museum of Science and Culture” and I totally agree.  Even the Indiana Business Journal was impressed with him (read here). I think this was the “courtesy step” and hope to hear back from my potential boss tomorrow…..and hopefully they have figured out a way to pay me more than what was suggested last week.

I think the job would be great, so I am very excited…..everyday learning and always new things going on.

I’ve enjoyed time at home; painted, organized, took Gramma Pat shopping (!), will pick up the temporarily-handicapped next-door neighbor’s family at the airport tomorrow, etc. etc. But the money has run out; time to get back to work! Gotta pay for private school, college, and a wedding…..