Week 8 of unemployment…how time does fly, and yet drag, at the same time.  The museum job still looks like it will happen;  had a great meeting with the president the other day!  But lots of “red tape” to slog through first….could be another 2 weeks before they get approvals, make the decision and get me hired. *sigh*

Meanwhile, a few random things from the week:

  • Touch-up painted trim throughout the house;  wall touch-ups next
  • Cleaned out fish aquarium;  I hate that job!  Looks much better.
  • Took neighbor to the airport and Gramma Pat clothes shopping (there’s a whole ‘nother story 🙂 )
  • Had a couple great long walks with the 3 dogs (they like me being home)
  • K3, the youngest, is every bit as awful at age 14 as he was at age 2, lacking respect for me, etc..
  • Finished my master’s class on Communication Data and Research
  • Read an entire book in 2 days;  “Remember Me?” by Sophie Kinsella
  • Got invites to K2’s graduation party created, printed, addressed, and mailed out.

Whew….that’s what I remember, anyway.  Add in the laundry, vacuuming, etc…..who has time to work?