My middle child, aged 18, was in a horrific car wreck on Thursday. One of the paramedics who airlifted him to a trauma center commented that they were expecting multiple fatalities as they approached the scene and were amazed that of the 5 kids involved, 4 walked away from the scene. No broken bones. Some stitches and a couple concussions. Bumps and bruises. How could it be? The car flipped over and over 5-6 times at over 50 miles per hour before landing in a field, 25 feet from where the car battery landed. The airbags did NOT deploy. There was not a straight piece of metal left on the car, nor a full window. Somehow they were all spared. Don’t ever believe people’s excuses for not wearing seat belts. For every one story of a life saved because they didn’t wear their seat belt, there are probably 500 stories like this, where it was clearly a lifesaver. In fact, one of the kids wasn’t going to wear his, and the others forced him to….he owes them for that!

These are 5 wonderful kids, among the best and brightest graduates of their high school. Two are headed to Purdue as science majors, one to IU’s Honors College, and two on full academic scholarships to other private universities. They don’t drink. They don’t smoke. They don’t do drugs. They play music and watch Pixar movies. God is good. He let us keep them for awhile longer.

Now let me tell you about two parents and the frantic drive from a seemingly normal day at work to a hospital trauma center nearly 2 hours away, knowing only that our son “was talking” to the paramedics and he was about to be Lifelined to another city. Panic, despair, anguish, fear….the English language simply does not have words to convey the feelings, as you see your child’s future come crashing down. And the flood of relief when you walk into the ER and see that he’s going to be okay. We are so lucky. We are so blessed.

God has plans for them! They were spared!

And now, amazingly… goes on, as if nothing ever happened and the world didn’t stop for awhile on Thursday.