Yes, we’ve had some terrific storms here (and I also mean that metaphorically)….when it rains, it really pours.

Thursday was the big car accident (read below)….brought son home Friday late afternoon.

Friday night our air conditioner was hit by lightening;  still awaiting repair ($1000.deductable….cost $1900).  Its been 80+ degrees in the house all week, + 100% humidity.  Thank goodness for ceiling fans.

Monday the air conditioner/heater on our car #2 went out (Car #1 was totalled), as hubby and I left for work together (we car pool).  Car #3’s air is already broken somehow and doesn’t work 70% of the time…trying to find a time to get it into service to see if its something easy to fix, but they’re only open ’til 6 and not on weekends. (Note: Yes, we had FOUR cars;  one with daughter, away at college, one that Grandma/Grandpa bought for h.s. graduating son, and one for each working parent….now we’re down to THREE…or less!!)

Monday our water was turned off at home. Had to go personally to the water company;  they’d made a mistake, but we had to be inconvenienced.

Tuesday I had daughter take “her” car in to get the brakes checked, because they were barely working.  We just had new ones installed last August and they were under warranty.  Unfortunately, we had front done then, and it was the rear that went out……so we had to have that done.  Son picked it up on 

Wednesday and drove it a little, but it was overheating all the way to the top of the guage so he left it in a parking lot and girlfriend drove him home.  We went to it later, poured anti-freeze into it, and attempted to drive home.  Unfortunately, it started overheating again and smelling, so we left it in another parking lot.

Thursday  we had AAA tow the car to the auto repair place.  Without looking at it yet, he said it was probably some electronic cooling fan assembly;  not cheap, of course.  Meanwhile, I called the home air conditioner place and they still haven’t even gotten the compresser in, so can’t even schedule us for service yet.  Its supposed to be 90 degrees here through the weekend….

Thursday cable and Internet is off at home while they make repairs in the neighborhood;  son is home recuperating alone (girlfriend gone all day at dance, where she just has to sit and watch, due to her accident injury)….with no TV and no Internet!

Calgon…..take me away!!