Its convenient; hubby works just 2 blocks from me. Its smart; we save about $50. per week, not having to fill that extra tank of gas. Plus, we’re down a car, so we’re fabulous parents, leaving son (“the wrecker”) with a car to drive to girlfriend’s house, etc.

Now….if only he’d start working, to help pay for HIS gas, etc.! His summer job of valet parking was put on hold until the ugly black eyes healed from his accident. After all, would you hand over the keys to your Porsche to some teenager with black eyes?

So….be green! Drop at least one shopping trip per week by consolidating. Recycle. Hard hard is that?

P.S. downsides of carpooling: 1)I like radio and ABC-TV on radio and hubby likes silence 2)car a/c is broken 60% of the time and 3)we are married to each other’s daily schedules