That is, don’t have kids if you value your belongings…and your own money. Why just tonight I got $40. from the bank machine. Suddenly $20. went to one teenager, headed out of town with the youth group….and the other $20. to my other, who didn’t have any gas money to drive his brother to tennis camp.

Now the things…here’s a list of just last week’s casualities:

1. My “vintage” Schwinn LaTour, which I ride very occasionally and chose to ride on Sunday; deep scratches! and a broken odometer! K3 likes to ride it and apparently doesn’t use the kickstand. Grrrrrr…..devalued for sure. Helmet also missing (“oh, I think we threw it out because it was all messed up”)

2. My gardening watering can; hubby used it to refill the car’s antifreeze!! and then forgot he did it, so when I asked ‘what’s in this watering can?’, everyone claimed innocence. Hubby thought it might be leftover fertilizer he’d used on the hydrangeas or the roses, so I used it to water in some transplanted Russian sage and another hydrangea (that was a gift from a friend). Within exactly one day, all 3 plants were DEAD! and hubby said ‘Oh! I know what that was in the can….anti freeze!’ Duh!!!! 3 dead plants, one dead watering can, and even the soil apparently has to be removed, since its now contaminated. (How can you not remember mixing bright green anti-freeze in a bright green watering can???)

3. My hair gel; missing! when I needed to use it….again! Does son think to put “hair gel” on the shopping list when he’s out? No! its much easier to just go get Mom’s….

4. Gas tank: empty again! when I go to leave for work….teenager is unemployed, due partly to accident earlier in the summer, so “doesn’t have gas money”.

5. Clean sheets, lying on the bedroom chair. Had to be cleaned because puppy pee-ed on my bed – Again! – because boys didn’t watch her or take her out during the day while they were home. Anyway, clean sheets…..dumped on the dog-hairy floor by K3, who wanted to sleep in Mom/Dad’s room, in our chair! Ick.

*sigh* don’t have kids….they never respect your things. they think everything’s disposable. they think everything is available to them, free of charge. and Heaven forbid you ever want to use any of THEIR stuff! I surely thought I’d trained them better than this. Oh wait! I did….they’re really nice AROUND OTHER PEOPLE!