Why is it when families get together, it usually means EATING?! We had lots of family in from out of town this past weekend, to celebrate K1’s college graduation (Yeah Alison!!). So, Friday night…out to a great restaurant…Saturday afternoon post-graduation; another restaurant…Saturday night, barbecue at home for 12 people….Sunday morning, nice breakfast….Sunday afternoon; another restaurant meal! (erp)….wow! I think I must’ve gained 5 pounds this weekend alone.

However….it was so very nice to be with family that I don’t always get much opportunity to spend time with. My LA sister…my Chgo. sister…my mom! …my nephew (representing my brother; which he does well, because in so many ways, he’s his father’s son)…what a fun weekend, though a true whirlwind (witnessed by the fact that it took me until Wednesday to catch my breath enough to write).

Here she is….my very photogenic first-born! I like to say “Proof (get the pun) that she really did graduate”.