There’s always so much to do, plus cleaning, laundry, etc. to accomplish and NEVER enough time!  Spent Friday night with friends, Saturday morning selling jewelry at the farmer’s market, Saturday afternoon running errands and recovering from the intense heat/humidity of the market all morning! and Saturday night helping a friend buy textbooks online for her high schooler (only to realize later that WE still have books we still need to buy!)

Sunday…sent K3, the youngest, off to his first band camp!  He’s excited to be a real high-schooler now and going away for a whole week to live in a college dorm, etc.  Hopefully it won’t be too hot or too rainy…

Then, off to Reptile Days at the museum.  Brought my “surrogage daugher” along with me and got lots of photos of every kind of lizard, snake, etc.  I especially liked this guy, who I swear was “posing” for me…he’s a Solomon Island Skink.