Just ten days away…just ten days until our #2 child heads of to college.  I think he’s finally starting to realize it, though the thoughts are more surrounding the loss of his girlfriend, who is attending another college, five hours away.

I’ve purchased all the school supplies, dorm room supplies, laundry supplies, etc. etc.  He’s not participated in ANY of that!  He just doesn’t care about the details, I know…typical 18-year old.  So far it seems like his lottery-chosen roommate may just be the dreammate, though;  National Merit scholar, football player (“sure he’ll help you move in…he just loves to lift stuff”), etc.  Thanks to modern technology, the boys have i.m.ed, texted, video-conferenced, and emailed each other.  I think they actually spoke on an old-fashioned telephone, too!  

Ten more days for Dad and Mom to get used to his being gone….