(Part 1 was Carpooling)

I did it!  I biked to work last week…then ended up leaving the bike at work (extenuating circumstances) and biked back home yesterday.  I planned, worried, bought accessories 🙂  and as it turned out…the actual ride was a piece of cake and I will continue to do it at least once a week until the weather turns. 

Hubby and I drop off K3 at school way early for marching band practice, so he then drops me at the trail head and I zip downtown, across town, down the canal, and right to the Indiana State Museum where I work.  The worst part is that “across town” part…I hate having to ride on sidewalks and having to stop and start again at each and every block for a red light.  I’m investigating other routes…and other accessories, too, that will easily hold my clothes, briefcase, purse, shoes, etc. without the use of 1/2 dozen bungee cords!

Any suggestions??  You should try it! 

10 miles = just under an hour = 700 calories burned!  Not bad for an old fart-midwestern mom like me!

(P.S.  This is a pic that LOOKS like my bike, but I have added a rear carrier, mirror, waterbottle holder, etc.)