I’ll never figure out how people can grow up to be so rude, so uncaring, and such bullies.  We have a neighbor who is just unbelievably so.  We had friends and neighbors over last night, enjoying the evening around a bonfire in our backyard, when BN (bully neighbor) came weaving down the path toward us, obviously VERY inebriated.  He proceeded to spew forth with a stream of gross obscenities aimed at me and at my dogs, which were tied up, but barking at him.  He also accosted my daughter with similar gross words a few minutes later on the other side of the house.  Police came, took him home, etc. and (can you believe this?) he actually came back about 20 minutes later with more obscenities! The police heard it all this time and booked him for the night.  

Ack!  What does that mean for us for the future now, though?  do we have to live in fear of “what if this guy owns a gun”?  can I never feel safe walking my dogs past his house…which is just down the street from me?

Whatever happened in this person’s life to make him so bitter and so mean?  I  have a very hard time relating to this type of anger.  And I have a very hard time understanding why its fair that he can terrorize our neighborhood this way and have us all live in fear from now on.