Last weekend for the farmer’s market, where 2 other jewelers and I have been selling our goods….its been a nice way to make some additional spending money (i.e. gasoline!), though I must admit that I have not NETTED much, especially considering I’ve spent nearly every Saturday hanging out at the market from 7:30am to noon….after working 45+ hours per week at my “normal” job.  So now, we’ll be doing special holiday parties at a local bank.  Hopefully it will net us more!

Meanwhile, I’m back at Williams Sonoma as well…holiday work that also allows me a 40% discount on gifts and foodie stuff for me. 🙂  No, I don’t buy much kitchen stuff (I have so much already!), but I am always sorely tempted by the awesome food items/ mixes, etc. Yum!  I’m a better cook when I’m working there….when I’m ever home to cook, that is….

Drove 2 hours to pick up middle child from college for the weekend.  Ate dinner with his girlfriend, then she turned around and drove her 3 hours back to her school and we drove 2 more hours home.  I think son is happy to be home in his own bed, with his own dogs!  I think he even enjoyed the time bickering with his younger brother (I KNOW the younger brother was quite happy to have him home!)

Life is full of little moments….little stuff is important.

And….I am OFF tomorrow!  No work of any kind (okay, housework…I’m actually looking forward to mopping, etc…is that SICK or what?!)