Ew…doesn’t sound so good, does it?  Just when I was sickened by the whole political scene, and my own personal financial crisis….our quiet Sunday evening was suddenly ruined by the realization that one of the dogs had eaten a whole bunch of medicine.  4 dogs…and somebody ate about 6-8 tabs of an anti-inflammatory medication (Deramaxx) for canine arthritis.  Which one ate them?  One showed up with the pill bottle in his mouth, another playing with the cap, and a 3rd left a telltale teensy poopie nearby….so, a call to the 24-hour emergency vet, followed by feeding all 4 dogs Hydrogen Peroxide to induce vomiting, followed by an ugly walk down the street with all 4 until we saw everybody’s dinner.  Ick. Not what I had in mind for a wind-down evening in front of a crackling fire.

Bottom line….we never saw a pill come out, but all 4 emptied their stomachs and then we gave them Pepcid to ease the discomfort.  All are sleeping soundly now….have to wait it out for about 24 hours….But still, not an evening I’d want to ever repeat.  Now…..I’m going to bed!!