I love the holidays…its always exciting for all the family members, for one reason or another.

*  Son, taking a break from freshman year at college, is particularly excited to be home with pets & in his own bed (not necessarily together).

* Husband enjoys watching the kids interact, as their relationships change with their maturity.

*  Daughter is tickled to get paid days off in her now-salaried full-time job.

*  Youngest is always excited about the prospect of presents!

*  I just love to get the house all cleaned up and decorated and ready for company, including cooking great stuff!

*  The dogs don’t really enjoy getting baths (at the do-it-yourself-doggie-wash), but they definitely enjoy all the attention that comes as part of it, especially afterward, when they smell good.  The dogs always get a special grooming, as do the sofa, carpet, etc. in anticipation of Grandma’s arrival (she’s allergic to pets…do you suppose my pet-deprived childhood has anything to do with the fact that we now have SEVEN pets at home, not counting the fish?)

*  Sophia…the newest addition to the household…isn’t particularly excited, but thought you’d like to see her picture anyway 🙂


She jumped into my car at a bank machine! Had no I.D....Went to deposit, ended up with a withdrawal 🙂