Well, it was definitely fun, in an almost surreal way.  We had a driver who took us to the studio both Tuesday (for a pre-taped interview “package”) and Wednesday (for the actual live show).  The rest of the time we walked quite a bit around Times Square and Canal Street.  We bought lots of stuff, including a “Chanel” bag for cheap!

The show went well.  Daughter was concerned she’d look like a real “loser”, but absolutely did not.  They even said they wanted us to come back in a month for a follow-up!  We’ll see if that transpires… Meanwhile, the actress was truly sweet to her and said she was going to be her personal coach, “email me every day”, etc.   She gave her some of her personal line of cosmetics, which she sells on HSN (catcosmetics), and of course an autographed copy of her book.  She’s on “One Life to Live” and apparently was married to David Hasselhoff…then moved from the KnightRider to Michael E. Knight…odd, huh?

The Muse Hotel was beautiful, despite having the lobby under construction.  The beds were clouds of down, with 7 pillows on each bed!  Ah….I didn’t want to come home to my dog-hairy- C-Pap machine- sounding bed.

Here are pics of Times Square, a cacophany of huge video screens shouting at you from all sides.