Clean House, Trading Spaces, Fix My Ride….I don’t care what it is, I want somebody to come here to Indy and save me!  I have a basement that is 1/2 finished, and the other half is my sewing/craft/beading room.  Unfortunately ‘my’ room is also the cat litter room.  And the furnace room.  And storage for any furniture that didn’t fit in this house when we downsized. And anything else that needs to be stored, such as Christmas decorations, college photos, old pieces of carpet roll, twin sized mattresses, etc.  UGH!!!  HELP!! 

Really, it is the most daunting task.  I am just frozen and can’t do a thing.  We’ll have to take everything out of the room first and that alone is huge…where do you put it all?  I’ve never had ANY luck with garage sales; one sale I worked my butt off and made a grand total of $34. for an entire day’ s sale and the other was about $100.  That, being part of a neighborhood sale, where there was supposed to be big traffic.

So…….help!  While You Were Out really needs to make a stop here and save me from this disaster of a basement!  I want to be able to sew again…and do crafty things…and make jewelry.