I lead a double life…I’m a double blogger;  I blog for personal use and I blog for professional use, too.  Unfortunately, there seems to be more blog-worthy stuff in my professional life than my personal life! 

So, I know hereby link you to the Indiana State Museum blog, where we had a fun (and popular!) post about lady roller derby-ers, invading our special little L.S. Ayres Tea Room. 

On a more personal front, I can proudly report the highlights of my day: 

1) I bicycled to work…that’s 4 times in just over a week! I can feel the fat cells staging a walkout!  

2) K2 is now gainfully employed for the summer!! and its even in his chosen field of computer science/web design!  Yeah for him! 

3) This has nothing to do with today, but here is a great Prom pic of my “mentee” or “surrogate daughter”, Sierra from last week. Enjoy!


Sierra's Prom, 2009