I really have grown to dislike Sunday nights…almost as much as I dislike Monday mornings.  The weekends go by so fast and I NEVER finish  my list of “to do’s”.  This weekend was full of Zoobilation, garage sale at the in-laws (I can’t stand garage sales…I like to shop them, but have never yet made more than $25. after working for hours to put one on!), Scales & Tails Pet Fest at the museum, etc.  I’ll post some pics later, but you can go to Twitter and search for Mediakath and find a lot of “tweets” from Zoobilation, along with photos I took at the event.  What fun!!

Prayers for the week:

Hubby’s job…and thus, our finances (will this prayer EVER go away??)

Son’s driver’s ed

Daughter in new apartment

Surrogate daughter away at camp

Patience and wisdom in certain areas

Did I mention budget changing again?