Relative;  meaning it is relative to what you think “fat” is… I went to Weight Watchers a couple years ago with hubby and weighed 10 lbs less than I do now!  *Ugh*  I’m really needing WW now!!  Help me!

Relative: meaning, I can blame this weight and body style on my relatives;  its genetic.  Its their fault.  I work twice as hard to stay “average” because of my genetic makeup.

Soooooooooo……I’m feeling very ugly and overweight right now.  To the average person, I suppose I’m just slightly matronly and “soft” looking.  To me….I see 40 lbs. over my marriage weight.  I see 20 lbs. over my running weight.  It really sucks to be over 45 or so because the weight just hangs around like it never did before.  I  NEED TO GET RID OF IT NOW!!  I drink tons of water, I eat healthy…what??