Hubby’s job has been eliminated…Wait!  Does this sound like a recurring theme in the family story?!  Why yes, it is!  So, we should be pros at knowing how to handle it, right?  How to pay mortgage, college, and bills with less-than-half-income?  Whew!  Nope!  We have no clue!  We already do these:

  • shop at Aldi’s
  • shop at Goodwill and other resellers (craigslist!)
  • cut (and color) our own hair (usually)
  • don’t hire others for manicures, housecleaning, etc. etc.
  • sell occasional items on Craigslist
  • pack lunches (well, often, but not every day)
  • carpool and
  • bike to work
  • apply for second jobs
  • try to sell my handmade jewelry in a consignment store

What else?  Who else has some good ideas?

Meanwhile, here is the great website for hubby’s new business…please refer him, forward the site on to others, etc.  He is way too talented to not be utilized!  I just know that something good is bound to come to us soon….:)

Neal Moore, Principal, Neal Moore Communications

Neal Moore, Principal, Neal Moore Communications