K2 went off to Purdue yesterday for his sophomore year.  It really doesn’t get any easier saying good-bye than that first time they skipped off to kindergarten.  <sigh> It will be very quiet around the house this year, with just one child (well, aged 16!) left at home.

As I’m mid-life crisis-ing, I also think back nostalgically to my own college years and yearn for those care-free days.  Oh sure, I thought I had problems then, and commented about how stressful life was….but oh, how naive I was, not knowing the REAL pressures of life that we know now.  How I wish I could be back in those days of great social life, no financial worries, 40 girls to borrow clothes from, etc.!

Back to Purdue, though…pair an engineering major with a computer science/graphic design guy and you get two persnickety guys nesting and competing for the best “cool factor” in a dorm room.  Flat-screen TV, oversized double-monitors on their computers, surround sound, TIVO, oil paintings…does this sound like a typical dorm room to you?  Ha!  They even want to start a website for uploading cool dorm pictures…

Here’s a start….this is not the finished product, mind you…but merely the “in progress” shot with a lousy camera-phone.  (K2, forgive me)