Does anybody really care what I did this weekend?  Probably not, but I posted to Facebook anyway…Tweeted a photo from the Purdue game, too! 

But still, I wonder…who really cares?!  On the one hand, its nice that I get comments back from friends and acquaintances who have seen my updates;  folks I don’t usually have time to call or spend time with are now more in touch with me.  But on the other hand…well, did the fact that they now know I was at a Purdue game this weekend matter to anybody?  Did it move the needle to get me any closer to Heaven?  I struggle with the overall importance of it. 

It is so easy to spend HOURS playing around online, voyeuring through Facebook and Twitter, clicking through to videos and articles that others have recommended….but its taking me away from the things I used to spend time on;  cleaning house, watching a couple of chosen programs on television, phoning friends, exercising, chatting with family, etc. etc.  The day only has so many hours!

So….while I am an active participant in all things “social media”….I still wait for the “other shoe to drop”…the aftermath of a world gone online.  I hope that the benefits of staying in closer touch with so many more people is stronger than the downsides.

P.S.  Here’s my new self-portrait, taken at about 7 p.m. on my way home from work…shadows long, just a moment before I stopped to “talk” with a doe and her 3 baby fawns…

Self Portrait, Fall Creek Trail

Self Portrait, Fall Creek Trail