Confession:  We have too many animals.  They shed, they scratch the heck out of the wooden floors, they puke on the carpet, poop where they shouldn’t and they bark! 

I know!  People think we’re nuts because we endure all this, and often I agree with their assessment.  But…(you knew there was a ‘but’ in there, didn’t you?)….I could say the same about children.  MY children!  My kids have puked chili on my buff-colored berber carpet,  put drink rings on my fine furniture, shattered fine Italian pottery, interrupted my sleep far too many times, imbedded stretch marks onto my skin (and did other disgusting things to my body and internal systems), etc. etc.  I’ve endured that!  And still manage to love my children unconditionally.

And, I love my pets just the same.  We’ve lived through incredibly rough times for the past 5 years, faced financial ruin and other things, and those pets have been there through it all.   Pet therapy is a real thing…its hard to bring a bad mood home when you’re greeted at the door with a deliriously happy 90-pound Great Pyrenees, silly grins from a golden retriever, and (obnoxious) happy barks from a scruffy mutt.

You decide….Monthly payments to a therapist who will confirm what I already know?  Or these guys?