Our family.  That’s Thanksgiving.  Its the favorite holiday for everybody;  a time together to eat lots of good, homecooked food without the hassle of gifts and the pressure of holiday cards, etc.  And eat we did;  cooked for days to prepare everybody’s expectations….pies, appetizers, side dishes, and of course…..the turkey, stuffed with traditional dressing!  And my kids very favorite…..the cranberry sauce with can marks still showing! hahaha! 

THIS is my favorite part, however….the days AFTER Thanksgiving, where the kids are still here with us, enjoying each others’ company and being lazy together, watching television, etc.  The house is clean, the kitchen stocked with every kind of yummy food imaginable, and everybody’s happy.  No work.  No pressure.  No deadlines.  No time schedule. 

Ahhhhhhhh…..I’m thankful. 

Fireplace Sanctuary