Way back when I was in high school, beaded “chokers” were all the rage and I can remember making them for many friends.  I guess that was my big start in the beaded world.  I still love beads;  they’re tactical…i.e. I love to feel them running through my fingers, I love the weight of real semi-precious stones and minerals, and even the sound they make when the clink together.  I am always amazed at the many variations that are formed in rock from climate changes and whatever.

So….I have been making  jewelry for years, mostly for gifts and charities (www.cureals.org and www.cathedral-irish.org both have custom bracelets that I’ve made for fundraisers…easily a couple of thousand dollars raised through those), and also for sale.  Most are pretty simple strung designs, with some wire wrapping involved, but always sterling silver with semi-precious stones  (I am not a big fan of cheapo plastic or other knock-offs!). 

Here’s a small sampling of what is available now at the Indiana State Museum “Indiana Store”…I am very proud to be represented there! and yes, things have been selling … 😀  


"Baubles" at the museum store