Great Christmas…amazing how much gifting was going on, considering hubby is unemployed 🙂  Somehow it all worked out.  The best part is, the kids are getting old enough to buy the parents really nice gifts…my kids bought me a camera!  Yeah!  I’m so excited, as my old 35mm Minolta Maxxum bit the dust over a year ago and I have been hating not having my own camera…except for the work one I use every day At Work.

Having a wonderful time taking pics and enjoying days off work…RARE days off work!  Days to just hang out on the sofa, randomly shop, cook, watch a couple movies, etc.   Ahhhhhh!

Ooops…this is the spot where I’m supposed to insert photos that I’ve taken….but can’t do that right now…its too late;  gotta take out dogs then head to bed because, alas, back to work tomorrow for the popular “Family NYE” at the museum…..later!