My son is not too proud to admit he’s a geek.  He lives with science and engineering geeks.  He is a Computer Science and Math major;  doesn’t get much geekier than that.  His NY resolution is to start a company this year from his dorm, and make his first million (or something like that). 

Anyway…he and his roomate have rigged the room (1/2 of a suite) so the lights go on with a single remote, fade, change colors, etc.  Nice, huh?  What shocks me, as his mom, is the fact that it is so neat and tidy!  I guess he saves the clutter by leaving it all at home!  And I also wanted to add that there is not a single piece of electronics shown here that I had when I was in college;  no computer, television, headphones, triple screens, surround sound, fridge, microwave, etc. etc.  We lived in the dark ages, apparently!

Electronics Heaven at Purdue