Everyone makes resolutions, right?  I do as well…usually written somewhere in my Daytimer, etc. that I have to stumble upon them regularly.  I came across a great idea recently, though, with a twist on resolutions.  (on Facebook, perhaps?)

Instead of the usual (which, for me, includes getting back regular with exercising, now that I have NEW running shoes! and a work-out partner to do Pilates or other tapes and cardio with….as well as cooking a new recipe each week from one of my myriad of cookbooks, a la “Julie & Julia“, as well as seeing one new movie per month with hubby)…the idea is to have a theme. 

I think my theme for the new year is “whimsey”… an odd or fanciful or capricious idea, acc’ding to the dictionary.  To me that means, be more light-hearted and take things not-quite-so-seriously.  It also means do more fun things ‘just because’ and pull my kids and husband along (even through their protests!).  2009 was a depressing year in so many ways;  2 good friends died, hubby’s job was eliminated, the economy tanked and we’re constantly struggling financially, health issues, etc.  I’m moving on!  No more dwelling!  From now on my keywords will be the following (or some derivative…help me add to the list!)

*Whimsey*   *Comical*   *Humor*  *Spend a day like my dogs do*  *Movies*   *Fun*  *Learn something new*    *Read fun books*    *Take more artsy pictures*   *Why not?*     *Surprise!*   *Uncoventional*    *Unexpected Generosity*    *Warmth*     *Comfort*    *Peace*

What's more whimsical that a cat in her Cheese Club?!