I’ve been through 2 children now, choosing colleges, and its always tough.  I’m working on #3…then comes #4.  However, if you’ve been paying any attention to my blog these many years (hello?? anybody out there??)…you’d know I have THREE children, not four. 

But then there’s Sierra.  She’s my “surrogate daughter”.  What started out as a mentor-thing through my church has grown into having another child who is a very real part of our family.  Now she’s a strikingly beautiful 18-year old with a near A-average in h.s. and readying herself for college.  So, I took her to Chicago this weekend for an official campus visit. 

Now, I grew up in Chicago…a product of the fine Chicago Public School system.  I love going back, especially if I have the opportunity to visit any neighborhoods, rather than “just” spending time with relatives.  So, it was a fun day for me to poke around while Sierra was visiting classes.

This time, we visited North Park University…one, I must admit, I’d never heard of.  It is a small 2000-student Christian school, intent on a multicultural, urban experience with a strong push toward Christian service.  Quite impressive in the amount of mission work they support, as well as the international student base they’ve managed to attract.  Now Sierra will have to decide if that’s THE place she wants to spend her next 4 years….she’s also considering Anderson University, a comfortable, familiar place close to home, with many familiar faces.  Both have the Christian base, both fairly small…tough choice.  I don’t envy her having to make the decision.  Perhaps grants and scholarships will help her decide? 

Side note:  I got to wander around Andersonville, a small neighborhood northwest of downtown Chicago.  Found a Swedish bakery! (I’m always complaining how Indpls. has no bakeries (sorry, I don’t count grocery stores as bakeries))…so I was in heaven to find REAL chocolate eclairs! and cherry turnovers! I also found an awesome antique store that was full of Pendleton woolen blankets and furniture that had been reupholstered with thick, dense wools.  It was awesome!  Think about that warm and cozy couch, in front of a big stone fireplace with a roaring fire…ahhhhh.  Found it here:  Brimfield’s and they apparently don’t have their own website, but someone was kind enough to post photos (duh…my camera was in the car!!)…Someday soon I’ll remember to actually start using the camera for pics like these 🙂

Sierra Nicole

Sierra and me