I’ve found myself reading a lot of blogs from very creative women lately.  My favorite is this one;  Lisa is a former TV person who worked briefly with my husband;  now she should have her own show on HGTV, because she has so many cool crafty things that she does.  Blogs like this motivate me to do more! 

Here’s my latest project.  I bought a $25. chair on CraigsList…attracted to its mission style, for sure.  I think our ranch definitely lends itself to this style, with the stone fireplace and wooden floors and bright natural light.  We already have a few things in this style. 

So…the chair.  It was a little beat up (tho not too bad), so I lightly sanded it and put 2 coats of stain with acrylic (once-over with steel wool in between coats).  Luckily the 2 cushion covers came off easily with zippers and the foam beneath is protected with a slippery lining material.  They are in really good shape, so I was able to wash the covers in cold in my washer.  I will eventually make new covers, but for now didn’t want to take the time; the back of the chair is covered with fabric as well as the cushions, so it will be a bit more complicated upholstery job.

And voila!  I have a really cool new chair for the living room, which is also quite comfortable!

Chair makes living room look less cluttered; previous chair had a busy upholstered pattern.