Hubz and I agree, its the best room in the house!  My brother even slept overnight on it once (tho complained in the morning of the freight train tracks about 1 1/2 miles away).  We love to sit out there and listen to the birds, watch golfers go by, and let the pets enjoy the fresh air in a confined space.  A cold drink  on the porch swing and I’m one happy lady!

Here are pics of the new pillows I made, in time for Sierra’s Prom Dinner (should do another post about that one…) this past weekend.  Fabric came from the clearance bin, as did the beaded trim, and pillow forms are old pillows from our sofa that we no longer used.

p.s.  the wicker furniture was one of my best purchases ever;  daughter and I saw it sitting out at a garage sale, on our way back from the donut shop….bought the whole set for $100. !