(Why do numbered titles always draw people’s attention? 🙂  )

  1. I’m so glad its Friday;  I need a nap ’cause I’ve gotten somebody’s cold down deep in my chest.
  2. The salad I had for lunch gassed me up like a blimp;  I’ve eaten right & journaled all my food for 2 weeks now and haven’t lost weight! *sigh*  I absolutely hate being this weight!!
  3. The frustration of un(der)employment is the ebb and flow of it….the emotional highs and lows that occur day to day
  4. I love my job.  I really do.  But I wish I made more money, as it would save us a lot of heartache.
  5. Doesn’t God get tired of hearing the same old stories from us all the time? 
  6. Needed a good thing;  I love having my kids home;  we’re having more family dinners and more just sitting around and being together times and it feels good.
  7. May, 2008

    2 years ago, last week; we never forget to be grateful for seatbelts and a miracle!