My daughter decided to go to Dallas for a national convention and, being the wonderful mother that I am, I agreed to drive with her….all 15+ hours each way!  WOW!  What a road trip it will be….we’re headed out next week in her car, which gets a great 30+ mpg.

Now here’s the caveat. Its the annual national Mary Kay sales conference.  And, to complete the picture, I have officially signed up as an Independent Mary Kay Consultant.  Yep.  That’s me.  Mary Kay all the way… 🙂

Well, its true.  When I was in my early 20’s, my then-fiancee’s (now hubby) friend got me started on Jafra cosmetics, which I used for years thereafter.  Then, finding a consultant became difficult and I switched to Mary Kay because a friend sold it and it was easy…and inexpensive, compared to department store stuff and seemingly better (and cheaper)  than even the higher-end drug store stuff.  Soooooo……I’ve been using it for at least 8-10 years and have always been very happy with it.  I have very dry skin and Mary Kay products work very well on that without being greasy or breaking me out.

So there you have it!  If you’re interested in trying out some products…or in supporting my family (which, by the way, could very well use this extra income outlet)….check me out online at Of course you can also email me with any questions….It is my goal to NOT be an annoying home-party sales person, but rather a known resource for anybody who needs stuff for their skin or makeup or gift ideas.