Last year my K2 was pretty proud of his pimped-out dorm room at Purdue.  Here was a bit of it from then…  Well, now he is readying for another year, rooming with a good friend who has equally big visions of what a really great room should include.  Here’s the list of what they’ve accumulated so far:

  • 42″ flat screen tv
  • wall-to-wall carpet
  • remote-controlled, voice-activated lighting (“good morning” fades them all up;  “good night” fades them all down)
  • IKEA coffee table, tv shelf, etc.
  • 3-monitor computer system

Okay, I know,  I’ll have to follow up with pictures….as soon as they move in!  (And I must also mention that these boys pay for all this themselves and manage to maintain excellent GPS’s in computer science and engineering majors.)

Pictures to come!  And also check out the website , a website my son is putting together so other’s can post awesome dorm pics!