I have big dreams.  Who doesn’t?  Sometimes I even write them down in a journal (nope, not sharing here 🙂 ).   And now, I am PLANNING on Mary Kay helping me to achieve some of those dreams.

I figure…why not?   I need to make more money;  I’m making considerably less in my current job (a job which I really enjoy, but…) and hubby is making considerably less after his job was eliminated in October.  I could go back to Wms. Sonoma and work parttime at a net of $6. per hour…and evenings of dish washing and mopping!  I could try harder to sell the jewelry I make, but I’d have to try to market it, I’d need marketing materials, etc. etc. 

Mary Kay supplies me with everything.  Its already an established brand and is about to have the Good Housekeeping Seal, so you know its a good product!  I have a sales manager to help keep my butt in gear.  AND…there are all kinds of incentives, prizes, and other motivators already built in.

So…I’ve signed up and already have 4 new customers!  AND….I also get 50% off on the products I already was using!  That means I’m actually SAVING money, right 🙂 

Wish  me luck and be sure to let me know when I can do your FREE facial;  I need to do 30 faces in August………….Gotta work so it will work.