I still have 2 kiddos in school;  one in college and one high school.  Well, then there’s my “surrogate daughter” who’s practically my daughter, tho not related.  She’s just starting college in 3 weeks!  Soooooo…….I had the itch to do some Back to School supply shopping!!  Who can resist those 25 cent bargains?  Those $1 deals?  Surely not me, as I LOVE to troll the aisles of Staples, etc. trying out colorful markers, etc.

Unfortunately, those $1 deals add up rather quickly…plus every here and there was a $6.99 “deal”….and before you know it, I’d spent….well, I never really added it up, since I actually went to 3 different stores collecting things today 🙂  I really did!  Walgreen’s…but then, there were other health and beauty aid items there, too, so that one really wasn’t all that much when you just count BTS.  Then there was Staples….yeesh…that was a biggie, since I bought for all 3 kids….then a quickie trip into the Dollar Store for just the perfect plastic basket for carrying items to the dorm shower.  What fun!  I know its fun for the kids to have the new notebooks and pens and such.  Heck, if it motivates them to be excited about school, then its worth it.  And they’ll surely use all those mechanical pencils and 5-cent folders!!

Trapper Keeper!