My second child just turned 21.  OMG.  He was the 10-pounder who burst into the world just 20 minutes after we reached the hospital (yup…that means NO DRUGS!).  Wasn’t that just a year or two ago??  No, I guess not, because he has already done so much in his short life.  The memories flood me;  his 12-year old self with an injured foot in a boot, carrying the torch in the 2004 Olympics run thru Indy, his being named the Outstanding Student in his elementary school, earning an International Baccalaureate degree, nearly getting killed in a horrific auto crash, and so many other GOOD things that make a mama proud.  People love this kid…but never as much as his mom 🙂

Now he’s officially an adult.  Well, not in my mind!  He still has to finish school, get a job, and move into his own place! And I can shift my focus a little to his younger brother, who still has a few years to get to 21. 

My hubz and I are very, very blessed with our 3 kids.  Life has dealt us some unfair and nasty blows, but so far we have been so very lucky to have wonderful children who are truly a joy, not only to us, but apparently to others, as well.  At least that’s what people tell me. 🙂