I mentioned before that the in-laws are soon moving in with us.  Why?  Because its the right thing to do and who can actually afford assisted living these days, anyway?

So, everything is moving quickly in that direction.  They’re cleaning out years of clothing & memorabilia (luckily they did move 12+ years ago, so they don’t really have a lifetime of stuff to go through) and we, too, are gleaning through closets, cabinets,  and entire rooms to make room for them.  2 boys have to vacate their rooms and move into another large bedroom, which has to be cleared out to accommodate them.  That means we have to find spaces for all the stuff that was stored in that room, all has to be painted…and so on, and so on.

But first…we had to build a ramp so they can get INTO the house!  Luckily I have a brother, who like my father before him, is extremely handy and talented with tools.  He also happens to be unemployed, so willing to work for $.

Look how great this is!  Click on each picture for full info…