My youngest son thrives on change.  This kid has always changed his clothes at least twice a day since he was a toddler, completely moved his bedroom furniture around quarterly, and don’t even get me started on shoes!  Well, he has been in his own little Heaven this week, as we are re-doing his bedroom yet again, as part of The Big Move (moving the in-laws in with us).   Painted the room (“Wet Pavement”…and yes, the new Valspar paint-with-primer is AWESOME and covered in one coat!) and some furniture, bought a couple of small pieces on CraigsList, and completed the move this weekend.  His brother is at Purdue, but will be able to move HIS stuff into the room when he’s home for Christmas…that is, if we can find space! 

The biggest challenge of all this has been the condensing process…2 boys into one room, that was already full of OTHER stuff…where will all this “stuff” go?!  We still have 3 closets to empty out, etc. to make room for 2 other people and all THEIR stuff!!  I feel another panic attack coming on…*breathe*….  (click on a pic to enlarge it)