Today is the Big Move Day.  The in-laws will be sleeping at our house from now on, in their own cozy wing of our spacious manor (well, spacious being a relative term…and they ARE relatives).

But first I had to complete a quickie valance for “the parlor”, which is what we are calling the former-teen-cave-now-living-room. Don’t worry…”before and after” shots will be posted later this week…but for now, here are the details on a quickie project from the weekend.

Huge window has 2″ wooden blinds and Grammy’s very old sheers on a traverse rod, but you could see the rod, so I wanted to cover it with something colorful to warm up the room and make it feel cozier.  First, I had to wash the sheers carefully in cold water/delicate and hang them on hangers to air dry…worked well!

p.s.  Thanks to Lisa for the scallop pattern 🙂